The Post Brewing Co.

Co It was important to us here at The Post Brewing Company to pay homage to the roots of our building and the strong Lafayette, small-town-Colorado spirit. Housed in former VFW Post 1771, our brewery and chicken joint is all about comfort, family, and well-earned-livin’. The first time we walked into this building in downtown Lafayette, there was a powerful and undeniable sense of history, accomplishment and community. When I was a kid growing up in Boulder, my dad would pile us into the car to East County because that is where you came for soulful Italian and Mexican food. I’ve had this idea of a chicken and beer joint brewing in my head for a long time, and once we saw Post 1771 we knew that it was the right home for us in Lafayette. Hot chicken loves cold beer, all day long and twice on Sundays. Please make plans to join us soon!

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