Prost Brewing

It was a chance meeting between restaurant veterans Troy Johnston and Kevin Sheesley and experienced engineer Barry Van Everen at a bar next door to a former Denver brewery that began the Prost story. While the building in question had already been sold, the idea of creating something entirely exceptional to Colorado’s pub landscape and wholly authentic to the beer drinking experience began to ferment. What resulted was a premium craft brewery, specializing in authentic German lager style beer – Prost Brewing. The team wanted to create something unique, and built a brewery and gathering place that specialized in crafting German lagers, with German ingredients in German glassware. Prost, which is German for Cheers! is about session beers – drinks that are meant to be enjoyed over an extended period – during lunch or dinner, with friends, family and business associates. Lagers are about social drinking, being productive and taking care of business. The team headed to Breitengüßbach, Germany to visit the Brauerei Hümmer brewery, which had been serving beer since 1642, and was closing its doors. Its copper brewing equipment, which had been built in 1963, made several styles of beer, including Altfränkisches Dunkel Bier, a rare specialty beer that Prost has revived. Custom boxes were built to ship the massive kettles, burners, pumps, scales, distillers and mills to Denver, CO –and then broken down to fashion Prost’s walls, forms and fence railings. The Prost building header even had to be removed to get the equipment into the space, located in Denver’s lower Highlands neighborhood. Patrons can also view some of the retired brewing equipment in the tasting room’s equipment museum, including a scale from 1883, that was used until 2015. Today, Prost is an award-winning brewery, and continues to use authentic 100% German products – grains, yeasts and hops, which are delivered from overseas. Passionate about their lager, everyone at Prost can articulate every step and every ingredient of the process. The brewery produces about 8,000 barrels of beer annually, sold at more than 1,000 locations, including bars, restaurants and liquor stores throughout Colorado, Wyoming, Utah and Wisconsin. They have two tasting rooms in Denver and Ft. Collins, CO.

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