Secrets of cooking meat

Cut the onion into thin strips and place in a baking dish.

Cut oranges into slices, mince garlic. Add to onions along with thyme and rosemary.
Drizzle with olive oil, wine and sprinkle with sugar. Add salt and pepper. Mix.
Bake at 200 degrees for 40 minutes.
Cut the meat into portions, lightly beat off. Salt, pepper.
Wrap each piece with a thin strip of bacon and secure with a skewer. Fry until golden brown.
Transfer to a mold and bake for another 20 minutes.
Surely each of the housewives is familiar with the situation when the meat bought in the store or on the market was harsh.

Or it seemed soft at first, but suddenly became rubbery when cooked.

Of course, it is important in this case to choose the right meat, figure out which part the piece is from, and also determine whether you are taking the meat of a young or old animal. However, if the mistake has already been made or you just decided to save money (after all, very often the hard parts of the carcass are cheaper) – you can still make the meat dish soft and tasty.

In addition to the extra time for frying or stewing, there are other culinary secrets. And their essence is in soaking or pickling the product, as well as in adding various ingredients when stewing.

There are many ways to make meat soft and juicy.

Consider the most popular and affordable.

1. Pickling in mustard
Simply coat the meat with mustard and leave for at least half an hour. However, in this and other cases, the longer the meat marinates, the softer it will be.

2. Soaking in mineral water
For these purposes, it is best to use healing, proven mineral water, such as Borjomi or Essentuki. This method is used by experienced chefs, he never let them down.

3. Pickling in Vinegar
This is a common practice. The acids help break down the connective fibers, resulting in a softer meat. You can take any vinegar: wine, apple, balsamic and others.
4. Pickling with sour fruit juice

It is very good to use pineapple

Lemon or pomegranate juice for a meat tenderizer. Pour the pieces of meat with freshly squeezed juice and leave to marinate.

5. Pickling with the use of alcoholic and low-alcohol drinks
To give the meat softness, you can use red and white dry wine, vodka and even beer. When adding alcohol, do not be afraid that it will be superfluous, it will disappear during the cooking process. Meat is soaked in wine, vodka is added directly when preparing a meat dish (do not overdo it, add 30-50 grams, this is enough), beer is perfect for stewing meat in a large piece.

Pickling in onion or onion juice

Finaly chop the onion, knead it with your hands to the state of gruel. Onions can also be chopped by passing through a meat grinder or grated on a fine grater. Mix meat with onion mass and leave for several hours. Do not spare the onion, the crafty gruel should completely cover the meat.

7. Pre-roasting
When fried, the meat forms a crust, thanks to which it will remain juicy from the inside.