This article first appeared in The Know in May 2017, written byAllyson Reedy.

Finally: a sports bar that cares as much about organic arugula as the Broncos’ QB dilemma. This is what’s been missing in our lives, right?

Former “Top Chef” contestant and three-time James Beard nominee John Tesar apparently thinks so, which is why he’s consulting on “the Mile High City’s first farm-to-table sports restaurant and bar,” Element Kitchen + Cocktail by the Element Hospitality group.

Texas-based Tesar won’t be a permanent fixture in Element’s kitchen, but he’ll be creating the menu, which will feature creative bar food with a seasonal/local approach.

Also — because what farm-to-table sports bar would be complete without the ability to buy $2,000 sneakers? — the upstairs bar, called SneekEazy, will sell shoes. I can’t make this stuff up, folks.

We won’t have to wait much longer to get our Air Jordans paired with (presumably organic, free-range, stress-free, happy-go-lucky) Buffalo chicken wings: Element and SneekEazy will open on Broadway in July.