Popular dishes

Fish, seafood, sushi, rolls

  • Rolls from Buba by Sumosan
  • Seafood in Cutfish
  • Crab Bao at Crabs Are Coming

The survey participants named almost the entire “Rolls” section in Buba by Sumosan and several items from the Cutfish sushi bistro — “Spicy Tuna” poke and a scallop roll as their favorite Moscow dishes with raw fish and seafood.

Shrimp from the Moments gastrobar, sea shish kebab and brioche with salmon in the democratic “Market and public catering” of the restaurateur Evgeny Katsenelson (also owns the networks “League of Popes”, “Izya Grill” and “Brothers Karavaevs”), bao with crab ( at Bao + Bar and Crabs Are Coming), crab bruschetta at Uilliamʼs, carp in rice paper with grated sweet potato, edamame and onion fries at Delicatessen, at Lao Lee Café, spring rolls with mango, shrimp and herbs, as well as shrimp ceviche with lemon kimchi at Cevicheria, a project of restaurateur Elizaveta Stakhanova and chef Timur Abuzyarov (in his Fishop establishment on the Gastroferma market, they cook another of the dishes named in the survey – ahi-poke It’s a fresh seafood salad.

Pizza, sandwiches, burgers

  • Pizza with Parma Ham and Figs at Delicatessen
  • Burger with duck in “Sliver”
  • Kufta at Meat Point

Here, in total, about 10 different types of pizzas were named, including pizza with duck, pizza with salmon at Denis Simachev Bar, pinza with strawberries and burrata, as well as pinza with shrimp and zucchini at Pinzeria by Bontempi, pizza with Parma ham at Scrocchiarella, different pizzas from Zotman Pizza Pie – in general, everything is according to the list of the Afisha Daily material “8 best restaurants with the most unusual pizza and pints.”

The second most important fast and satisfying food for Moscow foodies is, of course, burgers (the champion here is a burger with duck in Sliver) and kufta in an eatery beloved by about everyone with one Turkish dish Meat Point. Among the burgers were also named a cheeseburger with an orange at Slavik’s, an “ideal” burger from Yunost, the simplest burger from the Voronezh diner, a black burger (meet in all restaurants throughout Russia) Black Mamba at Burger.

Meat, poultry, pasta

Turkey toast at Delicatessen
In this section, the most dishes were named, among which the legendary sweet turkey and chili toast at Delicatessen was the most popular. In addition to this toast, people go to the restaurant for steak, roast beef and the famous beef tartare.

In total, more than 30 favorite dishes were heard, among them: gnocchi and ravilone with soft cheese at Pinch, khinkali from a young lamb at the Vysota 5642 restaurant, brisket with lentils at Novikov’s Cheese Dairies, sushirito with chicken at Ramen House, shak-kago -hot dog at Shake Shack, tortilla with chicken skewers at Porto Mykonos, Uzbek Jazz Jizz (lamb with vegetables) from halal Quince at Paveletskaya metro station, Singaporean fried noodles at Coffeemania, proven over the years , soft beef lokum at Chef Turkish Steakhouse, and a dozen other items, from kake udon from inexpensive Marukame noodle chains to duck pate at AQ Kitchen, run by chef Adrian Ketglas.

Baking, desserts

  • Pear and chocolate pie at Lyubov Pirogova
  • Croissants at David B Café

And another dish from an establishment based on the Danilovsky market received the most votes – a pear and chocolate pie from Lyubov Pirogova. In second place, oddly enough, is not a dessert from Severyan or Yunost, but simply a croissant from a coffee shop near Pushkinskaya Square. They say that this is the most perfect croissant in Moscow. One of these days we will go to check the entire editorial board.

From the sweet and baked, pistachio eclairs from the Volkonsky bakery, the meringue roll of the Osteria della Piazza Bianca confectioners, the strawberry tart at Yuzhany, the sweet potato cheesecake at Cevicheria, the Pavlovich at Youth, and the Super Plombir Laspi at Tea height.