Popular dishes in restaurants

Restaurant trends change quickly

Especially due to the introduction of quarantine measures in different countries. If earlier delivery from a restaurant was not very popular, now most of the turnover comes from orders for delivery and takeaway. We will conduct an overview of the restaurant market and talk about how technology has changed the restaurant market, which services are already available in our country, and which have not caught on.

  • For breakfast: potato pancakes, eggs and cereals
  • Draniki in Table
  • Poached eggs in Parmesan dough and pastrami in Severyany
  • Truffle Omelette at Pinch

Among the favorite dishes for breakfast, potato pancakes from a small cafe on Lesnaya Street won by a decent margin.

There are several items on the Table menu

The most popular being zucchini pancakes with poached egg and salmon. Eggs come next, in a variety of variations and restaurants, from eggs benedict at Nude to a truffle omelette at Pinch. The most popular type of cooking is poached eggs. Often called poached eggs with parmesan and pastrami in the restaurant “Severyane” and toasts with avocado and poached egg in the cafe “Youth” on “Trubnaya”.

Also named in this survey were syrniki and ricotta omelet at Pinch

And a couple of types of porridges. The latter, of course, are not just millet with butter from the Karavaev Brothers, but more elegant options – porridge with quail at White Rabbit, buckwheat porridge with parmesan at Severyany and millet porridge with coconut milk at Calicano. It is probably not at all surprising that most of the restaurants mentioned in the answers are located in the Patriarch’s Ponds area.

  • Salads, vegetables, appetizers
  • Baked cauliflower at Glenuill
  • French fries and a poached egg at Youth
  • Egg curry in cafe “Youth”

Not surprisingly, cauliflower was mentioned most often:

In the list of the most popular dishes of 2016, which we compiled according to the results of a survey of readers of Afisha Daily, cabbage was second only to ceviche, pho and pastrami.

Hummus in Laflafel and Dizengof 99, mushroom mousse from Saxon + Parole (a bestseller in both Moscow and New York restaurants), salad with sockeye salmon and feijoa in Twins, baked vegetables and buckwheat with parmesan in Severyany ”, edamame in coleslaw at Glenuill, brains with pike caviar at Delicatessen, pickled peppers at Tehnikum, pkhali at Patara Café, smashed cucumbers, wasabi shrimp and dim sum with eggplant and pork are three dishes at Chainaya Bar. Tea & Cocktails, beet spelled with porcini mushrooms at Lavkalavka, vegetables with goat cheese from Simple Things New Vintage, lotus salad at Lao Lee Café, and a dozen other dishes. Among them is a well-deserved gastro-veteran of Moscow — Caesar salad (Propaganda/People as People), and again the Yunost restaurant with almond curry with cauliflower — and here again — cabbage and egg curry (they have three different curries).


  • Pho-bo in Bô on the Danilovsky market
  • Pho-bo at Lao Lee Café
  • Ramen with chicken in Iskra

In this section, it was not difficult to guess the winner – this, of course, is pho, the only intrigue looked like this: Bô at the Danilovsky market or at Lao Lee Café? The market won over a small cafe, and the third place was taken by the chicken ramen at Iskra – hurry up to try it, it is possible that big changes are coming to this place.

Pho soup, by the way, was named a couple more times:

Some people like to go to the Vietnamese cafe “Taste of Lotus” near the Akademicheskaya metro station, while others are not too lazy to go to the Vietnamese market in Lyublino.

Also, survey participants named shrimp ramen at Ramen House, sour and spicy soup at China Garden, chowder at Telebistro and Boston Seafood & Bar as their favorite soups. And against the backdrop of this motley cosmopolitan canvas of favorite first courses, our (well, or not quite our) borscht did not get lost – Haggis Pub & Kitchen and Lavkalavka were named as places where you can go only for it.